Power Breakthrough VIP Private Session w/ Sunil and Bill
Customized 1 on 1 Session 
  • OPTION: Steps to Grow Your Audience to the Next Level (e.g next 1,000 or 10,000)
  • OPTION: Decide on Top Marketing Strategies that will bring you Money & Satisfaction.
  • OPTION: Create Compelling Marketing Copy that converts visitors to customers.
  • OPTION: Get Crystal Clear on your Target Market and how to Market to them.
Sales & Profits
  • OPTION: Create a Powerful Sales Pitch / Presentation that will Intrigue and Convert your Audience.
  • OPTION: Nail your Business Plan -  Top 4 Things to do Next Year and each Quarter.
  • OPTION: Craft Simple Sales Funnels that will Boost Confidence & Profit.
Productivity / Teamwork
  • OPTION: Get rid of immediate overwhelm - Streamline or Eradicate Your To Do List.
  • OPTION: Steps to Make Your Team Cohesive, Producing Results.
  • OPTION: Steps to Resolving Conflicts or Communications Issues.
You'll leave feeling:
  •  Inspired & Motivated to take Focused Action in your business.
  •  Focused & Clear - Next steps to Accelerate Your Business. 
  •  Confident, Empowered, and Brave to Fulfill Your Vision in Your Business.
Extremely Limited Space Available!
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  •     3-Hour Power VIP Session $997
*If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your session, I will refund your money within 48 hours.
      Meet Our Happy Clients:
      "I tripled my income…and now we’ve made millions!"

      Sharla Jacobs, Award-Winning Million-Dollar Mentor

      Before working with Sunil, I was brand new to starting my business. It took me about 3 months on my own to figure out that just having a business card and an office wasn’t going to fill my schedule with clients…I was barely paying my bills. And it got very scary when I had to start putting groceries on credit cards! Sunil promised me that in 90 days of coaching with him, I would triple my income. I had known him for a while and knew him as an incredibly trustworthy and high-integrity man, so I borrowed the money to invest in coaching with him and jumped in.

      Sunil supported me to go beyond what I thought was possible. He provided structures to help me do what I needed to do to get clients and grow my business. He provided me with feedback for how to continuously improve my effectiveness. He gave me the plan and then helped me be accountable to fulfill on the plan to reach my income goals.

      And I did! I tripled my income in 90 days, just as he promised. That was just the beginning. The coaching I got from Sunil laid a solid foundation for me to become a successful business owner. My husband and I have now made millions and are considered leading authorities in our field. We’ve impacted tens of thousands of people through our work. I am so grateful for the coaching I did with Sunil years ago. I highly recommend you work with him if you want the shortcut to reach your goals."
      About Your Mentor Sunil Bhaskaran
      Sunil has mentored and coached thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs since 1991. His meetups have a combination of more than 25,400 members and is growing at about 600-1000 members per month. He has trained business owners and top executives at Cisco, Comerica Bank and other companies for 25 years. He’s the published author of two books on Amazon including "More Money, More Time, Less Stress" and the forthcoming book: "Worker Bee to Queen Bee - How Women Can Get What They Want in Life, Business and Relationships?
      "We experienced a 150% increase in size over two years."
      Eric Hess - CFO and Co-Owner, Compass, LLC.
        Who is this Power Breakthrough VIP Session designed for?
        • Business owners who want to build their online and offline audience by the thousands or tens of thousands, grow their clientele, and free up their time.
        • Coaches, Healers, Experts & Speakers who needing a sounding board for their ideas, want to ask questions, and get some laser coaching from an expert with more than 25 years of business, marketing, and coaching experience.
        • Business owners who are just starting out and need some support to implement the basic systems and processes to keep a steady stream of clients coming.
        • Business owners who have plateaued or would like to up-level their business by increasing profits, building teams, and creating more personal time.
          The Details:
          •  3-hour Private Session with Sunil customized to your distinct needs, solving those specific business challenges that will accelerate your business NOW.
          •  In-person session at Sunil's beautiful home in Santa Cruz or via Webcast/Phone.
          • Within 24 business hours, of registering for the session, we will contact you to schedule our time together via email or phone.  We will also contact you to help you identify the focus points in our session and any preparation that you may need to do in a very timely fashion. 
            Sunil and Bill's clients have
            •   Doubled or tripled their income.
            •   Up-leveled their business multiple times over the course of working with him.  
            •   Reduced their overwhelm - eradicating their to do list within one session. 
            •   Increased overall freedom and satisfaction in their business.
            •   Increased confidence and effectiveness in selling and pitching their services.
              Extremely Limited Space Available!
              LIMITED TIME OFFER!
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              •     3-Hour Power VIP Session $997
              *If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your session, I will refund your money within 48 hours.
                More Happy Client Success Stories:
                "My husband and I have doubled our income!"

                Carrie Kimmell, Real Estate Broker and Investor

                "Before working with Sunil, I had a vision. It was a big vision, but I was lost within it and I frequently felt guilty about the vision itself. Inevitably something discouraging would happen and soon I would be stuck again, crestfallen and questioning my vision and purpose entirely.

                Since working with Sunil for almost two years now, my husband and I have doubled our income in our business.

                I now have a deeper sense of conviction for the vision I’m going after, what I stand for, and how I want to achieve this. I am beginning to understand how much value and power I hold as an individual and also for my husband and I as a team (both business and otherwise).

                I am truly realizing that we can choose to live without guilt, that we can create, that we can work less than 40 hours per week, have enough time with our families, and that we can still operate on a level with the highest integrity and the highest degree of commitment to our clients and our business.

                We are thankful for the wisdom Sunil has and continues to share with us. His guidance has propelled us to success within our family, business, and passions. Our lives are and will continue to be infinitely richer because of what we have learned and continue to learn from Sunil."
                  "I've gained more than just money… I gained the freedom to own my life and passion!"

                  Baruch Vargas - Business Owner

                  "It comes with great pleasure for me to HIGHLY recommend anyone who is looking for clarity, accountability, knowledge, tools, skills, dignity, compassion, integrity, trust, friendship, and what it takes to reach your goals and be successful in your business and personal life, with the leadership and strategies that Sunil Bhaskaran provides as a Mentor, Coach and a friend.

                  So… if you want a breakthrough in your situation… then get a hold of Sunil right now!  Because… Sunil genuinely gives more value and time to really see that you are complete with everything you want to accomplish and propel you to become the person you know you are!  I have the privilege to work beside Sunil to gain more than just money… I gained the freedom to own my life and passion! Thank you Sunil!"
                  "I have seen phenomenal results since my three month business coaching with Sunil..."

                  Alyssa Williamson – Creative Director and CEO

                  "Sunil is excellent at discovering your true goals, revealing your resistances and motivating you to move beyond them. I have seen phenomenal results since my three month business coaching with Sunil and I am still gaining new understanding of the topics he discussed with me. 

                  My business has grown substantially, I have learned methods to manage my time, and most importantly, I have become aware of my own thought processes and how I need to change them to take my business to the next level. I am preparing for further business growth!"
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