Here's What You Get in the Global Business Mastermind ... 

GROW A LARGE (7,200+ ) WEBINAR & IN-PERSON AUDIENCE OUTREACH -REGIONAL, NATIONAL and GLOBAL Work with other Meetup Organizers around the world to cross market events and webinars with EASE!  We will facilitate these connections. It is not inconceivable to grow an audience collaboratively to 7,200 targeted audience within a year (pool of people that you can market your webinars to flexibly in terms of time),  We set you up with groups of other collaborators (what we call wolfpacks) to help you grow this audience for webinars. This includes 'fresh' audiences from other cities or areas around the world or in the US. 

GET PROMOTED TO MY AUDIENCE OF AT LEAST 80,000+ Business Owners and Professionals  - We are building a huge network of very committed, focused and happy entrepreneurs - who enjoy helping others and enjoy reaping the benefits of mutual wins for all parties involved in joint ventures. With Sunil's private connections from as far back as 1991 and his ever growing network, arise some really great, charismatic and engaging visionaries who want to do good in the world and to promote business as a whole.  (NOTE THIS IS ONLY FOR THE FULL PAY OPTION)

CONNECT WITH HIGH LEVEL CONNECTORS, SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES and COLLABORATORS  - Many people have tried using LinkedIn by itself as an outreach tool for high level connectors.  We have discovered a very workable methodology using the effects of your participation in Meetup with a very personable outreach on LinkedIn to get high level connectors interested in speaking with you, getting high quality speaking gigs and other compelling and potentially profitable opportunities.

COLLABORATE WITH SOME OF THE BEST PEOPLE IN MY MASTERMIND  - These are very generous, friendly and ambitious people who LOVE the eco-system that has been created within the Global Business Mastermind to collaborate in meaningful and profitable ways.  They are located around the world and primarily in the US across most of the major cities and in the United Kingdom (London and Edinburgh at the time of this writing.) This generosity is what fuels the ability for us to create large webinar audiences regardless of your location and to gain help from many responsive sources should you need it. 

COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS & MARKETING EDUCATION: LEARN HOW TO STYLISHLY BRAND YOURSELF OR YOUR BUSINESS  -  On the weekly calls, you will get the opportunity to brand your wording (copy) to be more compelling and more likely to convert into customer and client commitments.   You also have a long list of topics to learn from (but you got plenty of time to cover these) - see the list below of the potential topics covered on the group calls. 

LEVERAGE YOUR AUDIENCE COMBINING THE POWER OF MEETUP with OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS - e.g LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ALIGNABLE  - Build traffic to your websites, social media and meetups in parallel - causing a huge 'tornado' of good and positive positioning online. This makes it much easier to brand you powerfully and for you and your business to be found. 

HANDHOLDING SUPPORT ONE ON ONE - At least one meetup group set up to be successful. 6 weeks of hand-holding support - one on one - via short phone calls and emails to step you through to success. Includes analysis and feedback to fine tune and optimize your meetup. We will also coach you to find a venue for your event.

18 months Continued Support - Our weekly office hours group call (4 times a month for the first four weeks of each month for one year = 4 * 12 months = 48 office hour sessions - must show up within the first 10 minutes of the call start). Recordings available within a few days if you miss. We will teach you all the primary strategies we know to build out your audience on meetup including connecting you with other meetup organizers globally to build your audience, using webinars on meetup, distributing video and article content on meetup, gaining more traffic to your website from meetup, generating even larger presence online by having meetup work with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, and much much more.

WEBINARS ON MEETUP - You run your event from your home. Audience attends from their home. - Meetup has recently allowed the use of webinars on meetup with some conditions.  Learn how to do a successful launch on meetup with webinars. If you are new to webinars, we will teach you how to set this up.

30 day Money Back Guarantee - If you are not happy with any of what we provide you and you can demonstrate that you did the work fully and followed our instructions, then we will give you whatever amounts that you paid us within the first 30 days ONLY. If you select doing periodic payments, payments will still be due after the first 30 days.

A TRANSFORMATION FOR YOURSELF & YOUR BUSINESS CONFIDENCE - Building an audience inevitably leads to a transformation in yourself and your business confidence. Sunil will help you build your confidence from the inside out with his masterful patient and attentive style. "Everyone is different and everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect for their different styles." - Sunil Bhaskaran.

Testimonials - from Members of the Mastermind
Mike Hayes - 2 time Peabody Aware Winner & former NBC Producer
Started the New Economy Chamber of Commerce
'Better and Faster Way of Meeting New Business People and Collaborators'
Luci Gabel MBA, 
Author, Optimizing Leadership via Brain Science&  Healthy Eating.
"Very pleased to meet someone with so much insight .
.. Brilliant Business Mind."
'Enjoying collaborations around the country and the world.'
'Positioned to get 70,000 person audience in my webinars..'

Timeline for the program

1.  First 4-6 weeks: Handholding Period to Implement Your First Meetup Group and your marketing narrative (primarily your paid offers).  One on one phone calls and emails, 'looking over your shoulder' to make sure that you have done it right. 

2.  After that:  Weekly Group Zoom or Webinar Calls twice a week : you can choose to be on either group call - Wednesdays (first four of every month) on 9 am or 4 pm Pacific.  9 am = East Coast USA and Europe.  4 pm = Pacific West Coast USA.   You can join either group call regardless of your location. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved time wise?
This depends on your ambition level. But conservatively estimate about 3-4 hours a week. This tends to be considerably less once you progress and we teach you how to set up systems to take over the tasks.  You can pace yourself according to what makes sense to you. Also, you can assign a team member to come on the calls if you cannot attend.  

Will I get results? 

We cannot by law make any kinds of income guarantees or results guarantees.  We can say that you will gain at least a thousand member audience in the next six to eight months if you follow what we ask you to do. We work with you to increase the probability that your offers will convert into paying customers.  This will require work and attention from you.  The more work you are willing to put in, the more likely you are to produce results. 

What is different from other programs? 

We do collaborations and hands-on work.  Plus we work with you to get you to brainstorm and mastermind to come up with creative and more powerful ways to do joint ventures and collaborations. 

See you soon!

I look forward to helping your grow, engage and convert your audience!

Much great success to you!

Sunil Bhaskaran

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